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Service so bad it made me sick....

Ordered from Pizza Pizza online, husband picked it up.

His pizza was fine so I won't bother mentioning his but mine was probably a little strange but I've never had a problem before. I got a pizza with "sweet chili thai" sauce, no cheese, steak (slices, plain not BBQ), and pineapple.

I opened it up and right away it looked odd. It looked like they ran out of steak so they chopped it up super small (usually 1-1.5" thin slices, these were barely .5"), but I was like oh whatever, we ordered close to closing, so I just kinda laughed it off.

Then I started eating. The texture of the meat was weird. Usually it's a bit more chewy, not so soft, and I began to wonder if I was having an off day? (Every piece I picked off to eat to test tasted/felt like steak, so I began to doubt myself). On the second piece, I figured out it wasn't me but they had chopped up the steak small to disguise the fact they also chopped up some meatballs to make up for the steak they didn't have (why didn't they just call? I would've changed the topping! sheesh).

Except I couldn't just laugh this off this time as I'm super intolerant to garlic/onions (which is in all commercial meatball recipes ever). Like severe cramping, spend the entire night on the toilet intolerant. However, it was too late to call in (they were closed by this time), so as I waited out the pain, husband wrote an e-mail.

He got an email back (the next day) asking him to call them ASAP, he did, and they sounded super concerned (I was asleep at this time), gave us a credit for the entire order, and told us they were going to talk with the store about how you can't just substitute things like that.

So in the end good corporate service, horrible pizza maker service!
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