Learn It. Live It. Love It. (cindel) wrote in bad_service,
Learn It. Live It. Love It.

Reading is fundmental

To the white ladies who run the Books a Million store in the ghettoest mall in the area; yes, I ask for a specific magazine and please don't look so shock. Black people can read too. I realize you have to been on the defense with these young black nappy headed kids coming in and treating it like a local library but you do have a few decent customers that actually BUY books and Magazines. So the next time I ask for a magazine you may or may not carry, check your inventory; don't act confuse and bitch at me.

Well, looky here you carry it and it's behind the girly magazines which is in the WRONG place. Surprise Surprise

This is why I shop at Borders
which is 25 miles away
taking public transportation
and not the ghetto mall


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