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Another post about AT&T

Pretty sure this is my third or fourth post about my ongoing issues with AT&T.  Hopefully, this is the last.

Backstory, because I'm too lazy to go back and find my other entries:  AT&T has done nothing but lie to me consistantly.  My customer service from them has ranged from the absurd (like the CSR who wouldn't access my account because she insisted my name was not my name, due to an error where they'd put the prefix miss with no spaces with my first name) to the ridiculous (a rep opened me a new account trying to get me a better deal, I decided I didn't want the home phone since we were moving, it took 5 times of calling to get the account closed because everyone would tell me it was, and it wasn't).

Anyway, this started on February 7th.  I found out that the second account was still open, despite me calling in well before it was supposed to be "installed", despite getting a letter saying thanking me for installing services and calling to confirm that it was CLOSED, despite me turning a tech away, and then, I got a bill.  No.  So I called and tried AGAIN to get the new account closed.  I spoke to a rep who was really nice (I don't trust them either, because it seems like the nicer they are, the more gets screwed up), and supposedly closed the old account, and then adjusted my current account for the trouble, making my account balance "0" until March 7th, when I would have another bill generate and giving me a promotion that would have equaled $33 and change after taxes.

I called on February 21st to cancel service on the 28th.  I distinctly remember talking to a gentleman, because he kept trying to sell me on keeping my service when I moved.  It was supposed to cancel at midnight on the 1st.  My balance would still be "0" because the 7th was my billing date for the next month, when I didn't have service.

I noticed yesterday, almost 2 months later, that AT&T took $35.50 out of my bank account.  Cue more bad service from AT&T.

Guess what?  I wasn't disconnected.  At all.  The woman argued with me that the 35.50 was for my last month of service from March to April.  I said, no, because my service should have ended on February 28th with a 0 balance.  Then she disconnected the service, adjusted the account, and now the $35.50 was from February 10th through March 9th.  Again, my service should have ended the 28th, and I should have had a 0 balance.

I argued with 3. different. reps.  They all had a different story.  The one rep even tried telling me that money was from January 24th to February something.   No matter what, they couldn't refund that 35.50.  Then, I made the point that if they'd cancelled my account when they were supposed to, even if I did owe that, which I didn't, they would've have had access to my bank account to take that out.  Silence on the other end and then click.  Yep.

I called back a 4th time.  Finally got someone who was aghast about the people I'd spoken with earlier (but I don't get my hopes up when I encounter a sympathetic rep, because I find out later that they usually make things worse).  Turns out they didn't disconnect my account when I'd called earlier like they'd claimed, nor given me credit.   But this rep couldn't find notes where I'd called in in February saying I wanted to disconnect like the other reps did.  So I don't know what was up with that.  Anyway, supposedly now I'm disconnected, and I'm awaiting a $36 check in the mail.

Except I don't trust them.  At all.  So I filed a dispute with my bank, and then made sure I left a nice post on their Facebook site.  I had someone from social media contact me and had me e-mail him my info so he could look into everything, he said it would take a couple days, but I'm not holding my breath because they've gotten everything wrong over the past 2 years.
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