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Target Cashier Invading Privacy

So I admit I am not exactly a joy to be around right now. I'm about 8.5 months pregnant, uncomfortable, and it hasn't been an easy pregnancy.

After a long day following lots of doctors and monitoring at the hospital (I'd had a high blood pressure reading), I had to fill a new prescription. I wasn't in their pharmacy system yet, so they had to add me and fill the script and told me it would take about 25 minutes.

We also needed some odds and ends, so I wandered around and picked up my bungee cords and shower cleaner and toothpaste (also some Ben and Jerry's because of important reasons) and headed to the check-out lines planning to grab my RX on the way out, as the pharmacy was directly across from there. Unfortunately I'd hit the tail end of a rush at the front, and knowing this particular Target things tend to heat up and die down quickly. Inside my local Target is a Starbucks, so I decided I needed a boost, it had been a long day etc. I ended up with an iced caramel macchiato (it was like putting a little heaven in my mouth).

As predicted things died down while I was in line at Starbucks, and I jumped in on a till soon after picking of my delicious delicious beverage. I unloaded my stuff on the belt behind the next person. I still had more than half my drink left. When it was my turn, I put that sweet nectar of the gods and my wallet on the little stand where the card reader is so that I could pull the cart around in front of the register and load my bags as soon as I finished paying. while I was doing that I watched the cashier look up from bagging, give a little "tsk tsk" and grab my drink off the stand.

Me: Oh, I wasn't finished with that.
Cashier: OH. Well, you're going to give that baby one of them attention diseases.
Me: Excuse me?
Cashier: That caffeine ain't good for that baby. I though I'd help you out and just get rid of it for you.

At this point the cashier nodded at the barely contained bulge under my shirt masquerading as a baby, though I still contend he's a parasite (a really cute well-loved parasite) sucking up all of my energy and social skills.

I admit, I goofed. I turned into a hormonal rage-machine of customer-suck here. I reached over and snatched the drink and walked away (my momma taught me never to snatch, that was not nice), and left all my stuff half-bagged or on the belt and unpaid for. It was rude, I feel pretty awful about it, mostly for the people behind me.

But, the cashier should not have done the following things:
Commented on my pregnancy or assumed I was pregnant, that's just rude to do, especially when it's a stranger.
Commented on what I was consuming
Taken my already paid-for merchandise and tried to throw it away (that thing was like $5!!!!).

I did march up to the customer service area and ask to speak with a manager. They profusely apologized and said that it was correct and she was outside the realm of her job to make those comments, that it was rude, and they would speak with her.

I just think it's terribly bad service to comment on what someone is purchasing or has purchased in any negative light, and to try and take something I'd already paid for? I'm still a little mad about it, honestly. Also to assume I would harm my baby with one little coffee drink that's mostly milk, dear Lord. Particularly, it's not appropriate to make any comment out-loud when you are in a customer-service position. It would have been slightly different if I had volunteered the information but even then, the only thing you do is offer congratulations. The whole thing put me in a really foul mood for the rest of the day.

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