DebW (deborahw37) wrote in bad_service,

Service So Bad It Was Funny!

On my way home tonight I Popped into a town that I don't usually shop in ; I had no idea that a new Morrisons superstore was there! Next door to it is a QD ( sort of general homeware store) so after I'd done the grocery shopping I went to the QD, had a browse round, picked up a couple of bits and headed to pay.

There's no nice way of saying this but honestly QD, millions of people unemployed and you're seriously telling me that the three staff I encountered whilst trying to pay are the best you could find to offer employment to? There was a long line of tills but the only sign of life was two staff members chatting by a till which had a " TILL CLOSED" sign; not unreasonably I asked if there was a TILL OPEN anywhere and, after a shocked pause whilst they glared at me for daring to interrupt their conversation, one of them said " Of course there is!" then started chatting again so I asked them to tell me where this mythical paypoint was located ... an arm was waved vaguely in the direction of one of the other tills which a young woman was slouching languidly towards; She finally got to the till exuding an air of deep boredom and an attitude of " How dare this person have the temerity to want to pay?"; No greeting, no eye contact, no response whatsoever to my cheery greeting, just sullen silence. She made heavy weather of scanning my items , mumbled "£4.85" snatched my money, slapped the change on the counter ( the words please and thank you were obviously not in her vocabulary) and only then threw a plastic bag( which I hadn't asked for and didn't need) on top of the scanned items and was gone before I'd even started to pack my purchases up.

By the way, although this was Friday evening it was only 5PM and the store was open until 8PM so this wasn't a case of my being the annoying customer who comes in just before closing; I was also exceedingly polite in my enquiries, I have worked retail and have no wish ever to be that customer ( we've all met that customer).

I think I know why I was the only customer in the shop! I can only assume that the manager doesn't like customers cluttering up his nice tidy shop or that they're covertly filming an episode of " Worst Customer Service In The Universe!" :).

I plan to go back a lot, just to be exceedingly polite and thus annoy them!
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