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Comcast catastrophe

It's another bad service from Comcast. I had such a good run with them. Years of NO complains. But once they start they never seem to end.

This is really long.

About a year a go my dvr died. So I got a new one. Great, no more problems. I was wrong. My old dvr started to not record shows. It thought it was recording. It told me it was recording, but nothing was being recorded. Specifically the shows I wanted to record were showing up To Be Announced in the guide as well. So I couldn't record them. The DVR couldn't recognize the show since it had no channel number or title to record. But it was still recording and if it was two shows "recording" at once I could only watch one show.

Also I usually let the shows run 20 before watching so I can fast forward through the commercials. I need to stop doing this. Because if it isn't recording I'll miss the first half of the show.

Well, now my "new" DVR is doing the same thing. But only to one two shows: Castle and SHIELD. Of course my two favorite shows. First it was just not recording Castle. Last night it started on SHIELD so I had enough. I'd called about this issue before and they reset my dvr and told me all was fixed. It's not SUCH a big deal since I can watch Castle On Demand later, but it's my favorite show. I want to watch it now. I'm paying for a service and it's not delivering.

So I call Tuesday and talked to a really nice guy and gave him all I know about what isn't happening (dvr says TBA, can't rewind/fast forward on that show, is but isn't recording). He says I'm super helpful and that this is a KNOWN issue as other people have called about it before for the EXACT same show (Castle). Maybe a coding error in the system. He'll send a tech out (free) on Thursday between 10-noon.

Thursday comes and 10 goes until 11...12... At 12:20 I called and asked where is my tech guy? Comcast said he was running late due to his last appointment and they will call me back in 30minutes with an ETA and will credit me $20 for this inconvenience.

An hour later I haven't gotten any call (surprise surprise) and call back. I get disconnected without ever talking to anyone. I call again and the representative had NO RECORD OF ME CALLING. He said there was some mention of calling a tech out on my Tuesday call, but no one was scheduled. WHAT?! No record of my last call and no credit of $20 to my account.

So I explain to him my issues and he's just as confused as I am. During this call my home phone rings and it is the automated survey that Comcast does asking me on my last call. I think it was the one I got disconnected on. Because I did not ask for a survey on the first call. BIG MISTAKE.

We reset my DVR and he notes that I don't have the HDTV code on my box. I don't have an HD TV so I had canceled that. It's $10+ so why have it if I can't use it. The representative thinks that may be my issue. But if that was the case shouldn't MORE issue be had? Not JUST one show? Not just one channel? He says my DVR box is probably faulty and tries to schedule a tech. He can't. He's getting a service down in my area and if he tried still they would charge me $40. I have service. He's confused. I'm confused. I'm upset. He promises me to credit a $20 to my account. Maybe the new reset helped. But who knows. He said to call back if the issue persists.

So...nothing got done. I sat around all day and did nothing. Nothing got fixed. I got the run around and was LIED TO. And I'll probably have to call another tech out when this issue happens again. Or it might cost me another $10 to add on HDTV. WHY I have no idea. I am not watching an HDTV channel. Just standard ABC. All the other shows record just fine now that I have the new DVR. What is going on!?

Also when they do ask you about the survey - DO IT. I think you get better help because the representative knows you will critique them. If I had said ok to that survey on the 1st call today this all might not have happened. Who knows. It's just a feeling I have.

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