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Do you work here or are you just dressed for the occasion?

I've debated posting about this but the more I think about the more it bothers me.

My husband and i decided to go to a local chicken franchise on Monday night. Our son was driving me crazy from being in the house all day due to snow and the chicken place has an indoor playground. There is a location close to my son's preschool that I frequent and I've never had a problem there. On Monday, however we went to the one closest to our house. Apparently that was a mistake.

We arrived and the place was pretty busy. They were apparently doing a fundraiser for a local charity so the line to order was backed up to the door. The line was moving really slow and when we got a little further in i figured out why. There were only two registers (out of five) open. One of the cashiers on the open registers kept disappearing into the back after she took every order. She'd be gone for about three minutes before coming back. While standing in line I started counting visible team members. Standing behind the counter were at least twelve people.  The two cashiers, Two managers (who were adults), and six teenagers/young adults just standing around and talking to each other. I counted about five more people going from the kitchen to the serving area with orders and items.

We finally get up to the one cashier who is regularly taking orders. I got a Asian salad, my son got nuggets with a chocolate milk and my husband got a diet coke. We sat down. The order didn't take too long to come out but they'd forgotten the milk for my son and the dressing/toppings for my salad. The girl who brought the order to the table had already disappeared so I went up to the counter. I didn't go through the line again because I only need the one bag and the milk. I stood to the side where people waited to get refills or pick up to go orders. I attempted to flag down a team member but no one would look over or stop. At one point one of the chatterers looked over at me and did the 'smile and wave' thing but she didn't ask if I need or had been helped she just turned back to her friend to talk about prom. I finally stop someone who was returning from taking an order to tables. He grabbed me my stuff and I went back to my table to eat.

The story should probably end here but I'm not that smart. After finishing my food we decided the my son was having a lot of fun and we wanted him to wear himself out so I decided to get a shake as dessert to drink while he played. I went back up to the line. The fundraiser was over so the line had maybe four people waiting when I got up. Only now there is only one cashier on the registers. As I'm waiting a family comes in and get in line. Suddenly there is an explosion of teenage girl screeching as the group hanging out behind the counter recognize one of the family member as a former coworker. They start joking and chattering, loudly. I can tell the poor girl who cashiering is having a hard time hearing the orders because she asks for the customer to repeat themselves. About four more people, including one of the managers I saw earlier, came out of the kitchen to say hello to "Holly".

Holly moved over to the 'waiting' area to chat with her former coworkers as the one girl continued to take orders. It was still loud and I had to repeat myself twice before she correctly read back my order. She instructed me to wait on the side and my shake would be right out. She asked one of the chattering girls if they could make my shake. The girl responded with "Um, I think so." I wondered if she was questioning her ability to make an Oreo shake or her commitment to her job at that moment. She wandered off into the back and then came back about 90 seconds later. She told the cashier that another girl was going to do it and she went back to her conversation with Holly. I'm standing near Holly and I heard their conversation about the cashier. Holly asked if she was nice because apparently the cashier was Holly's replacement. The team member said she was nice but she wasn't as cool as Holly and on and on and on. They, and two other people, continued to gossip about their co workers in front of myself and a couple other customers waiting for orders. Eventually a girl came out of the kitchen with a shake in her hand. As she walked toward us she said, "Holly I have your shake."  Holly replied with "Sweet." and reached forward as if to take *my* shake. I'll be honest I seriously considered strangling her in that moment. I'm 8 months pregnant, I'm irrational and cranky, and I just wanted my dessert so I could go back to my family. Thankfully for her the cashier spoke up and said "That's not for Holly, that's for [Renishas]." The girl asked "Who is [Renishas]?" I raised my hand and waved at her but she wasn't paying attention. She looked very confused until Holly said, "I'm kidding that's not mine." The girl called out my name, I finally got her attention took my shake back to my table and vowed to eat at the other location from now on.

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