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The Great Sandwich Adventure

This is from a while ago, but I just discovered this comm. Details are slightly fuzzy, but the gist is there:

So, there's a big event and we ordered about 70 combo orders from a Corner Bakery in downtown Chicago. We'd called it in weeks in advance, they said everything would be fine, etc etc. There was also a followup call about a week before the event.

The day of, those of us transporting the food got to the location at pretty much the exact time we said we needed our order. They said, "oh, we'll need a few minutes."

Fine, no problem. We planned in some time so we would have plenty of time to get to the event.

So we waited. A few minutes becomes 15. We ask again. "Oh, just a few more minutes." Really, this time.

We quickly realized what had happened. They completely forgot about our order and so they had to start it when we came in.

Needless to say, this was not of the happy-making. Our leeway time was quickly disappearing, and if we didn't make it to the event on time, most of our people wouldn't have food and we would miss the chartered train carrying everybody else.

More waiting, waiting, waiting. Finally, after about 30 minutes a portion of the order came out. Then 10 more minutes for another portion. 10 more minutes for another. Then the last last portion, which took about another 20 minutes.

The worst part is? During the entire thing, they kept repeating, "oh, just a few more minutes." Don't lie to us and just admit you screwed up.

Thankfully we were able to just barely get to the train on time and get everybody their food, though we had to get two taxis for a few blocks worth of travel instead of walking with the cart we had.

Afterwards of course, we complained to HQ. The response? "They were out of bread."


You're a bakery! It was around noon, not late in the day. And besides, this was an order called in weeks ago.

Ugh. The entire time, none of the employees offered any apologies and indeed were looking at us like we were doing something wrong. You should be glad I didn't say anything in conspicuously loud voices about how a restaurant should maybe have orders ready when they're supposed to be.

No more Corner Bakery for me!

On another note, a sort of random question, which I'm sure has been asked before, but: have there been encounters written up in both bad_service and customers_suck?
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