Mina (minamorgan) wrote in bad_service,

Would you consider this bad service

Yesterday, I joined my boyfriend's fitness account at a LA Gym to get fit. We spoke with the GM who was helping us add myself to my bf's account. During the set up process, he asked my boyfriend if we were together and I joked that he had just randomly picked me up, asking if I wanted to go work out with him and that we actually didn't really know each other.

He then proceeded to comment "OH, well, at least he is a gentlemen, he is working out with you, rather than taking you straight to bed...."

I was sort of taken aback, but just laughed it off, uncomfortably. After we were told the money would be taken out of his account for the sign up fee, I told my boyfriend that I would pay him back the following week. The GM again makes a comment, saying that I should just pay my boyfriend back in favors, rather than in money.

Before we left, he also made the comment that my boyfriend is with me for ALL of me.

It was just such a weird and inappropriate situation. We ended up leaving right after and while my boyfriend offered to drive back and speak with the guy about how uncomfortable he made me feel; thought that I shouldn't report it to their corporate, since he was being friendly and just joking around. I feel differently though, since I work in customer service and would NEVER make those type of jokes to a customer. This has also made me not want to go to this specific location, due to this particular manager.

What are your thoughts?
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