snowstormskies (snowstormskies) wrote in bad_service,

Potential Bizarre Policy? IDK. Possibly me having a ridiculous moment.

Just trying to figure this one out, and this could totally be me freaking out because it's 03:40 am and I'm supposed to be packing to leave at seven am, but here we go.

I placed an order for a delivery of Yours Clothing, a plus size retailer, for international delivery to Finland. I try on a bunch of stuff when it arrives - nearly a month after it ships due to various clusterfucks on the delivery company's part and me having to wait for a good day to go and find it - and I like most of it. But I'm not happy with a dress, a shirt, and a belt, and so, I check out the returns policy.

Rather than do an online delivery which would cost me money and time, I decided to wait until I flew home to return it to a store, which is acceptable within twenty one days of receipt which it is. But I just took a closer look, and it says that items should be returned 'in original packaging'. Um. All the tags are on there, and I have my delivery note, and a returns form, but... Are they really expecting me to go and piece together a ripped plastic bag and some cardboard to bring it back to them? Does anyone have any experience with this, and it'll be a-okay with just tags and a delivery note?

I'm hoping I'm just having a really really dumb moment because I'm a bit confused.
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