Living a Life of Chaos (kitashla) wrote in bad_service,
Living a Life of Chaos

Pharmacy Fun

I've just been diagnosed as diabetic (gestational diabetes) and my doctor had given me my fun finger stabber, meter, and a couple of vials of strips and a handful of lancets with a prescription for a bunch more. Those were rapidly running out and as we're going on vacation Monday I knew I needed to get the prescription filled yesterday.

Enter one pharmacy, my Target pharmacy where most of my prescriptions are. (Yay, Target doesn't allow it's pharmecists to refuse to prescribe something for moral reasons.) They tell me it will be a half hour, I come back 40 minutes later and they tell me it's not done yet. So, I sit on the bench outside the counter and wait making small talk with one of the people zoning the aisles. (I was employed at this particular Target until a few months ago.) Finally, they call me up in 20 minutes and hand me a different prescription I had dropped off and the prescription slip for my lancets and strips. Apparently, they couldn't fill it because they didn't keep those items in stock. Okay, for starters, what kind of pharmacy doesn't keep those things in stock. Especially when they sell a whole host of diabetic products behind me.

On top of that, they apparently knew they didn't stock it. They filled my other prescription and kind of chilled for a bit before letting me know. /boggle

So, I drive to another pharmacy. Same song and dance. They tell me the only place that is going to stock that stuff is a Medicap pharmacy. I battle traffic and head to the only one in the area. I get there only to have them tell me that they don't process my insurance and the only place that is going to be able to process and fill the prescription is a little podunk place in a town about twenty minutes away.

I tell the woman fine and resolve to call my doctor when I get home to see if she knows of a place I can get this filled. However, on the way home I stop at the Evil Empire (WalMart) as there are a few things I need to pick up before the trip on Monday.

Now while I hate what the majority of WalMart's about I rather like this one as believe or not I generally get the best customer service in the world from this place. Most of the employees are glad to work there and it shows. (From what I gather, the store manager is a very nice man that actually cares about his employees.) While I'm there, for the hell of it I decide to stop by the pharmacy. As a general rule I don't like this because WalMart pharmacy is not one of those places that believe in birth control and EC for all. But I'm kind of desperate at this point.

Lo and behold, not only do they stock what I need but they will have no problem processing my insurance! So, the Medicap lady was full of shit. All would be fine, right? Yeah, no.

After shopping for about an hour and a half, being out and about for longer than I'd like and being in quite a bit of pain (hip dysplasia) I go to pick up my prescription. Joy of joys there is only one person in line in front of me. This is a miracle in itself as usually the line to pick up prescriptions is a mile long. I should have it picked up and be on my way checking out in no time.

Except I wasn't. I was in line for 15 minutes. Why? Because apparently, the old lady customer and the old lady handing out the prescriptions knew each other. They sat and talked for that long, I kid you not. Talking about some granddaughters wedding dress and other not important stuff. Even after the transaction was done they both sat their talking while the line grew behind me. I'm exhausted and in pain by this point (not to mention blood sugar was low) and I'm trying to convey my irritation in glares of death.

Finally they finish their conversation and I get to be waited on. However, the old lady behind the counter had the audacity to be irritated that I didn't know that you had to sign all of these knew privacy laws and kept getting huffy with me because I was taking longer than 30 seconds to do so.

Bitch, you just wasted 15 minutes of my life, I know you aren't getting made because I'm wasting 1 minute of yours.

What really killed me was all of the "Jesus Loves You" and Psalm buttons on her apron. Honey, I really doubt that when they said What Would Jesus Do that Jesus really would act like a cranky old woman because the customer felt you didn't have a right to have a personal conversation when you've got customers to wait on.

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