ghost_busting (ghost_busting) wrote in bad_service,

Royal Mail are really trying it right now...

I received some earrings in the post today....actually, make that "I was *supposed* to receive some earrings in the post today". Because what I actually got was an empty envelope with a nice neat little cut into the corner of it and the smaller one inside containing the earrings. They didn't cost much, and yes they should've been in a padded envelope, but that's kind of besides the point.

Royal Mail's reaction? "Oh, the envelope probably got damaged in the sorting machine and they fell out, that's all".

My father, who the earrings were from, tried to get in touch with Royal Mail and received the same response; "oh no, it wasn't us, it was the machines". Seriously?! If your sorting machines can make neat little cuts into envelopes & internal packaging, you might need to call in an engineer to fix that. But really I suspect that they're trying to deflect blame away from the fact that they have a fairly serious problem with theft within their company (I'm by no means the first person this has happened to, and I won't be the last). I understand that in a lot of cases, sure, maybe it is the machines, but in my case, it's pretty obviously theft. The cuts are a little too neat and conveniently placed to be anything else. Yet their refusal to consider any alternative than their go-to line is really trying my patience.

I'm not necessarily after compensation (but hey, it's not like I'd turn it down it they offered) (wait actually my dad would probably like compensation). Some acknowledgement of wrong-doing and an apology would be nice, though.
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