Ansela Jonla (ansela_jonla) wrote in bad_service,
Ansela Jonla

Slight medical b!s

I have a recurring gum infection that is just starting to build up to the painful stage again. I have a dentist appointment booked in early April, but I really don't want to wait that long to get it treated, because then they'd only treat that and it'll be another three months for another appointment and the infection is bound to flare up again during that time.

I couldn't go to the emergency dentist, because the only time they had left would have earned me a three-month sanction from the jobcentre. And the walk-in centre is not, as stated on their page, for dental matters.

So I went to A&E instead. I was intending on presenting it as a recurring infection that I was worried about. But as soon as I mentioned that it was in my gum, the agency-uniformed nurse behind reception told me to get out. Wouldn't listen to another word, didn't give me chance to explain how long this has been going on or why I was at A&E instead of a dentist. Just told me to get to a dentist instead, that it isn't that hard to a dentist appointment (the fact that I've been waiting since October for this appointment says otherwise), and trying to tell me that the emergency dentist is a walk-in service (I've used it enough to know that it really, really isn't).

I gave up and left when she threatened to call security on me. I couldn't even get her to call the staff nurse/matron/whatever her supervisor's called over. Meanwhile, my gum hurts more this evening than it did this morning, and I really don't feel well now.

tl;dr A&E receptionist hears "gum infection", refuses to listen further, kicks me out without letting me explain, am feeling worse now.
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