philstar22 (philstar22) wrote in bad_service,

Small WTF

I entered a Reader's Digest sweepstakes for a blender because I need a new one and am broke, and I figured since Reader's Digest is a reputable company it couldn't hurt to try. How wrong I was.

So there was the usual options you have to uncheck for subscribing to various things. I specifically unchecked every one including the one that signs you up for Taste of Home magazine.

Everything should have been fine. Only I got an email saying that my subscription was being processed and I now owed them $12. The boxes you have to uncheck are annoying enough, but not bad service. However, signing me up for something I specifically declined is a problem. Thankfully, I never had to put in any credit card information, so they can't actually charge me.

Just a small WTF since they can't charge me for anything, but I will be really pissed if they insist on billing.
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