shanacat (shanacat) wrote in bad_service,

An old rant

A recent post reminded me of this event that happened in my previous apartment complex.

I was at the time working on getting my teaching credential and was working at a high school, which meant I got home kinda early, about 3ish. My SO won't get home until usually 5 or 6 pm. ( this is all relevant, so bear with me).

When I got home one day, there was no notices in the door so I went into the apartment and was sitting in the front room watching TV. My SO got home at 5 pm and asked me why I didn't take in the notice that was outside. It was a notice informing us that they were going to be spraying for bugs the next day at 8 am and that we should not have any pets around and that we had to take everything out of the kitchen/bathroom because that was where they were going to spray.

We tried calling to complain but the management was in a meeting and couldn't talk to us so I left a message letting them know that we were upset at the lack of timeliness of the notice, but that we had complied with what they had asked us to do. We then spent the rest of the evening stacking everything on our dining room table, cleaning out the bathroom and trying to find a boarding place for my cat. The next day I called to see if it was ok to renter the apartment. They said that they had finished all the apartments but ours because we had called and complained. They then refused to pay for the boarding or to have the company come back to spray our apartment. Thankfully we only had a few months left on our lease so we left at at the end of it.

I am so happy we no longer live here. On the bright side, if you live in the San Diego area, the Purring Parrot is a great boarding place. My cat was only slightly terrified and that in the cat world is a pretty good sign that they like something that is new and different.


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