narryaworry (narryaworry) wrote in bad_service,

I am so angry

At my apartment complex all the plumbing is being updated and have a contractor doing this.  Everyone got notice that they would be coming in and that they would need to cut into the dry wall in order to reach the pipes so you should have your valuables removed from your bathroom, utility room, and kitchen as well as confine all pets to your bedroom for safety sakes.  On Thursday I came home from work late at night to find that my closet door was wide open and the light was on.  I thought that was really weird because I hadn't gone into my closet that morning, I grabbed my clothes straight out of the dryer that day.  So I go in to turn everything off and find my closet is destroyed.  Almost all my clothes are on the floor, there is dry wall and fiber glass insulation covering everything, hangers knocked down, and my shelving unit is askew.  I have an inflatable Aunt Marge collectable that I was storing in my closet as well.  It's from the Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban movie promotions, I literally only have it because I was working at a movie theater when it came out and as we were taking it out of the box I told the manager I wanted to buy it as soon as the promotion was over, they are super rare to find.  It's ruined.  The Harry Potter signage on it is ripped nearly in half and it no longer inflates properly.  On top of all that my cat was in my bedroom, he could have eaten that insulation or stepped on it and hurt himself.  Luckily he has shown no signs of such, but it was a very big concern of mine.

I of course went to my apartment office immediately on Friday morning after documenting everything.  They said they needed to investigate what happened, but agreed to have my carpets cleaned and my dry cleaning done for my clothes.  I was at work all day, so we played phone tag alot, but I was assured that it would be taken care of.  Saturday we played phone tag again as I was again at work and I wasn't able to get a concrete answer from them.  Sunday the office is closed.  Well, yesterday I had off so I went into the office itself and I am just so fucking angry over it.  They rescinded the agreement to pay for my dry cleaning and refused to do anything about my collectable.  They honestly told me that they thought I had caused the mess in my closet after admitting that the contractor had confirmed they had been in there.  They also said they had no way of knowing what condition my collectable was in before they went in so there is no way for them to know it wasn't already damaged.  Because yes, I totally throw all my clothes on the floor rather than putting them on all those empty shelves.   And I totally put them on hangers just to drop them on the floor.  It makes total sense that I would liberally coat them in dry wall and insulation as well, what other explanation could there be? That is totally logical.  And of course I would be freaking out over damaged collectables when I damaged them myself even though you admitted that all my other collectables that are in my apartment are in pristine condition.  Clearly I am lying and the contractor is not at fault at all.  But yet they still are going to give me a $50 credit on next month's rent for any troubles I've had, because that totally makes up for this.

I have filed a claim with my renter's insurance and they're sending someone over today in order to go over everything, but I am so damn mad right now.  I've managed to find one replacement for my collectable online and it's $450 on ebay right now, but I've seen them go for much more.  I'm going to be getting insurance for each individual item I have that has a decent value to it now, I have some seriously rare memorabilia.  I just don't know where else to go from here.  A coworker is insisting I take the contractor to small claims court over it and depending on how things go with the insurance company I might, but at the same time it seems like it might be more trouble than anything else.  I was considering staying here when my lease is up in June, but I don't think I will any more.  I'm debating whether or not to blast them all on review websites right now, but I kind of want to wait until after I know how this is going to resolve before I do.

ETA:  And after a whole bunch of run around it appears that the only way I'm getting compensated for any of this is to take them to court.  Yay.  Uhg, now to look into that headache and decide if it's even worth it once all fees are said and done.
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