ljmydayaway (ljmydayaway) wrote in bad_service,

ebay seller: threerb

I made the mistake of buying from ebay seller threeb, who is also known as ValueMailers (on ebay, Amazon, and elsewhere). Somehow, he has over 99% positive feedback.

I purchased a box of bubble mailers from him last week. When I purchased, ebay said that I would receive the package by Monday (tomorrow). The seller sent ebay a tracking number the same day that I purchased it, which never updated.

On Thursday, I messaged him asking if it had shipped out or not.

NO of course it hadn't! The seller claims the mailers are backordered UNTIL Monday, meaning I won't be getting them for nearly two weeks after I placed my order, assuming he even gets them in on Monday or bothers to ship them at all.

I told him to refund me immediately. No refund and no response, of course, he's holding my money hostage. I'm going to have to get Paypal/ebay involved in order to get my money back.

DO NOT buy from this seller, or anyone calling themselves ValueMailers! You will just make yourself miserable and get behind on your work due to them being jerks and refusing to actually ship out your order however long they want.

(I actually bought from them before on Amazon, and didn't realize they were the same person on ebay until they lied about shipping my package. That time they held onto my money and didn't ship the bubble mailers for THREE WEEKS. They swore they would ship me out mailers overnight, but they shipped a "new" package ground, using the same slip and I got them a week later. So he held onto my money for a month and I got nothing out of it other than having to buy another package of mailers from a different seller so I actually could use them.)

Update: I told him to refund me on Friday, and he claims that somehow they "couldn't stop the package in time". Even though it hadn't shipped yet and there's NO reason he couldn't have stopped the package. >:|

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