A Girl's Best Friend is Her Octopus (l_o_lostshadows) wrote in bad_service,
A Girl's Best Friend is Her Octopus

Plumbing Bad Service

I was reminded of this by cassandraterra's post.

A few years back we had a pipe freeze and burst. My mother was visiting and offered to put it on her credit card. So, when we picked a company from the yellow pages, we selected an ad that mentioned her card type and double checked when we called.

A plumber came, found the pipe and fixed it. Then it came time to pay and he suddenly insists that they don't take credit cards and we needed to give him cash. (I don't remember the exact amount, but it was several hundred bucks.) After arguing with him and getting nowhere, we decide to just go to the bank and get the cash. He gets paid. He leaves. I add a company to my list of people to never do business with again.

About a hour later, I answer the phone and its someone from the company asking for feedback on the service. They were not happy when I told them about his refusal to take a cc, so I suspect he got in a fair amount of trouble.
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