Cassandra Terra (cassandraterra) wrote in bad_service,
Cassandra Terra

This is a minor/weird bad service from a clothing alternator store.

Usually I go to only one place to get a zipper or a ripped seam fixed. But she doesn't accept cash and it's a bit of a drive. So I looked up closer places on yelp that had good reviews and found one close by.

I go in and everything is fine until we get to pricing. They want me to pay half up front. This is odd, but maybe because I'm new? The usual place I go to never asks for money up front. I pay cash.

When I come back I go to use my credit card to pay for the remaining bill, about $25. The lady refuses saying there will be a fee for her. There is no sign saying min charge has to be X. She has credit card signs (MC, VISA, DISC) on the front door and at the check out counter. I questioned her and finally she relented, but I could tell she was really annoyed. If you are going to advertise that you accept credit cards, accept them!
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