Same crap, different day (snow_white) wrote in bad_service,
Same crap, different day

Poor service fron online gaming store

I went online looking for an Xbox controller that a young acquaintance of mine wanted for their birthday, and found it listed in the online shop of an Amazon seller by the name of "speedygames". I ordered the item, paying extra for express delivery; it arrived at my young acquaintance's house exactly when it should have done - only trouble was, it was a controller for a Play Station 3. I wasn't too thrilled about this, since I'd clearly specified in my order which system the controller was for, so I contacted the seller to ask for an exchange. Back came a response saying that they would exchange it as soon as I returned the other one. No mention of where I had to send it, no address listed on their Amazon site and no return address on the parcel; I ended up having to get Amazon to ask the seller to send me a mailing address, since they did not respond to my email. No offer of a postage paid label to return it, which I always get from Amazon itself when I have to return anything; when I queried this with the seller, I was told rather abruptly that my postage would be refunded after I sent the item back. At this point I received an email from Amazon asking me to rate my experience with the seller, and I did so - marking them down for sending the wrong item and for poor communication over the return. I posted the item using a tracked service, since I was starting to have misgivings about the seller at this point, and it reached them three days ago. No confirmation from them that they had received the item, no email to let me know when they would be dispatching the correct item - then lo and behold, this afternoon I receive an email from them saying that because I left them a poor review they are refunding my money rather than sending the replacement I asked for. Oh, and the refund does not include the cost of sending the item back to them.

Mind you, a lot of the seller's reviews are not terribly complimentary about the quality of their merchandise, so all in all I reckon my young friend is better off not having received what I ordered...
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