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Greetings all, I'm new to the community, and what happened to me today inspired me to find this community.

A little background about myself: I was born and raised in Southern California. The air is nice and dry. I move out to Indiana. The air is nice and ...chewy. I've found that in the past 2 months (since the heat and humidity have risen) my breathing has been extremely labored to the point of collapsing from lack of oxygen.


I was at work, doing just fine, very slow day. I started having problems breathing. I sat down in the back and once I felt a little better I tried to head back to work. Manager said, no that's okay, go home. I thanked him and started walking outside, and I started having problems again, worse than what I had at work. I walked to CVS and went straight for the Pharmacy department. Since this is Saturday, I can't see my Dr until Monday, so I figured I could at least get a recommendation from a Pharmacist to hold me over. He recommended Primatene Mist (non-prescription inhaler). I walk to the counter and start wheezing. There was only one register open and one lady ahead of me (which looked like she was about to leave) then she started complaining about something. By this time, I'm dizzy and trying to force my breathing. She walks off to find something. The cashier just stares at me. I look at him, point to the inhaler, and give this look like Can you please help me. He looks at me dumbfounded. The lady is taking her time and a manager comes up. She answers the phone, and I'm standing there trying to keep from collapsing. Now granted, I could have opened the inhaler but I figured that was rude (though probably would have saved me the trouble...) and finally the lady leaves. I get up there and the cashier is taking his time ringing up the inhaler. I walk outside and immediately start tearing open the package.

Yes, I realize I could have opened it in the store (and yes, I realize some of you may find my inaction stupid at this point); but I was raised where you just don't do that. What bothers me is that he didn't even try to halt that one transaction, didn't call anyone else up to help, and didn't ask if I needed help. Nothing. I'm like, hello, I can't breathe, can you HURRY it UP?

*sigh* At least I'm breathing easier...
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