Crystal (thegully) wrote in bad_service,

lying taxi driver

Took a cab on Friday night with my husband and our friend. I requested he take the Brooklyn Bridge to Brooklyn. He said the Brooklyn Bridge is closed. I said, then take the Manhattan Bridge. He said there was too much traffic and we would have to take the Battery Tunnel. I agreed but decided it would be reflected on his tip that he demanded we take the tunnel instead of asking.

As we were driving to the tunnel, the traffic report was on his radio and I could hear the newscaster say the Brooklyn Bridge was OPEN TO Brooklyn and closed to Manhattan. Not long after that report, he turned the radio off. That means we would have been just fine getting home via the route I told him. The guy lied. The cost of the tunnel is less than I would have tipped (on average $10). Now, I decided, instead of deducting the $5 cost of the tunnel from his tip, he was going to get no tip.

We get to Brooklyn and we hit a massive amount of traffic on the BQE. We ended up getting off and having to drive around to get to the route we needed to get home. Except, we told him what street we needed to turn onto and he drove right past it! At that point, I called him on being a liar and either not paying attention to where he was going or deliberately missing the turn. He argued that the Brooklyn Bridge *is* closed and I told him it was not closed going towards Brooklyn because the traffic report said it wasn't and I had even checked on my phone. After that, he shut up and drove us the rest of the way. The fare was pretty big but that was mostly cause of the traffic we hit in Brooklyn. I think his antics only added a few bucks if that. Obviously, I didn't tip.

Unfortunately, I paid in cash (didn't want this guy having my name so I didn't use a credit card as planned) and didn't think to get a receipt. I did write down the medallion number but there was no driver's id where one should be displayed so I have no name. That is against the rules but half the time the id doesn't match the drivers because the medallion owners rent out their cars. I think I transposed the letter and one of the numbers on the medallion number so I don't want to make a mistake and complain about the wrong cab.

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