April Conquest (minikitkatgirl) wrote in bad_service,
April Conquest

Bad service at Michael's...

I don't know if this was more bad_service toward me or the customer before me, but damn...

I went to Michael's last night to get a picture frame. It was getting near to closing, or so I surmised from the music on the speakers being turned off partway through when I was shopping. I made my way up to the checkout, where there was only one register open. There was a customer ahead of me (relevant to the story: She appeared to be a high school student or college freshman, and was on her cell phone while the cashier was checking her out). The cashier was this sweet-looking older lady (in her 50s or 60s, I would say), so in my mind, I'm thinking that because she looks the part, that is what she must be (a sweet old lady). The girl ahead of me finishes her transaction, I go up, and the following happens: (C = Cashier)

C: *scanning my frame* "Can't wait to go home and put some Ben-Gay on the back of my neck."

Me: *thinking it sounds like she's had a tough day, so I try to be nice* "Did you have a long day?"

C: "Not a long day, no, but...I just had a customer who should be committed to a mental institution. She actually thinks that they're going to cancel a basketball game at her school because [some other event] is happening at the same time."

...I didn't even know what to say after that. I realized she must have been listening to the girl's phone call and so gotten that information from there, and if she wants to think that about a customer, she has every right...but to say it out loud? To another customer (me)? Not professional and not okay.

It is ESPECIALLY not okay in view of the fact that I am on the autism spectrum (Asperger's syndrome) and I know for a fact that when I was diagnosed as a child, there were people who told my parents to put me in an institution (they didn't, thankfully). All I could think was that if C thinks that a comment like that girl made means she deserves to be in a mental institution, I don't even want to know what she'd think of someone like me. It's really sad and scary to think that people like C exist in the world...

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