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Interest rates are serious business!

This actually has been happening to my parents for the past couple months and it's quite mind-boggling.

They keep getting phoned from some call service (they refuse to say who they are or who they're working for) letting them know that they can reduce their interest rates on their credit cards. My mom went ahead and asked them how much she could save and the lady on the other line told her that she would need to know what cards my mom had and how much she was paying - when my mom told her that she actually didn't have any credit cards, the lady outright replied "Then what are you wasting my damn time for?" and hung up.

Another time my dad answered and he asked to speak to a supervisor. The guy on the other end repeated the word like he wasn't sure what in the world that was and then promptly hung up. My dad tried calling back but it just stated that the number couldn't be reached (and he's tried calling back multiple times).

Well they kept calling and being incredibly rude so my parents tried adding their phone to the do-not-call registry but now they're calling with different numbers to get around the block. Just today the same people called supposedly from a town 30 miles away from us..only it had our town's area code.

Right now my parents have two of their numbers blocked but this is the first that my parents have actually been cussed at over the phone by some company. It honestly sounds like some kind of scam but my parents think it's part of the government's credit relief thing? I really dunno but it's getting ridiculous.
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