neurobabe (neurobabe) wrote in bad_service,

Evil Empire carpeting

Dear Evil Empire,

When I pay $1000 for carpeting for a rectangular room and the salesperson says and writes specifically on the order that the room can be completed with no seams, DON'T SEND ME REMNANTS. I don't appreciate forking over $1000 for PIECES of carpeting for a RECTANGULAR room.

When we give you one week's notice to do the work (and you advertise next day service), that should be PLENTY of time for you to find a piece of carpeting the correct size.

Also, when the salesperson clearly states that we are getting upgraded padding, I'd appreciate it if you didn't send the carpet installers with 1/8th of an inch standard padding.

And, when I speak with the scheduler for THIRTY MINUTES about how I CANNOT and WILL NOT allow smokers into my house, not because I hate smokers, but because it's a SERIOUS HEALTH ISSUE, and you put in the order 'no smokers' and then try to argue with me about is not appreciated. You see, if I tell you that I will be making a trip to the hospital if you send me a smoker (even residual smoke gives me a serious asthma daughter is the same way), that clearly places the onus and liability on YOUR company. I was very clear about this issue. So when I answer the door after taking off work for the day (because you will only say that they will be there between 8am and 6pm) and in front of me stands a smoker who REEKS of smoke, I will, as I stated, send them away. Having the manager tell me they need to interview 70+ installers to find which do not smoke will not elicit sympathy in me. YOU SHOULD HAVE DONE THAT IN THE FIRST PLACE.

So, if you would like to leave what you have installed already for the $25 deposit I've paid you, that's fine with me. You will not get another cent from me. If, however, you give me the correct carpeting, the correct padding and do not risk my health in MY OWN HOME, then I will pay you the additional $950.

Thank you.

Very angry, but patient customer.
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