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Target Phone Operator Suck!!!!

Today I had my first big problem with a bad_service moment!

Two weeks ago I ordered a skirt on sale from Target for 10$. I bought 40$ more of things so my shipping was free, as Target has a policy of 50$+ = free shipping. As some might know when shopping Target online, they frequently ship your order in separate orders depending on what warehouse they are stored. My first package of a pair of shoes and 3 eyeliners came Wednesday, while the last part of my order - a pair of sunnies, a batman hat, a vest, and the sale skirt - came today.

Except when I opened the package, no skirt! Instead, there was a really ugly green shirt not even remotely in my size! Now, I've had issues with stores before getting SKU #s wrong on sites, so I wasn't worried or offended, I knew I could just call up and get it all settled.

First off, my operator was very hard to understand. It took me a few tries each time he spoke to grasp what he was saying, which was frustrating not only me, but him as well. Trying to keep my cool, since I don't want to be a c_s, I patiently reported to him what I've just posted above - that I didn't receive my skirt and instead, received a shirt that wasn't anything close to what I'd order. Begin confusion.

First, he thought I wanted to return the skirt. No, I don't even have the skirt! How can I return something I don't have? So I tell him that the email I just received about a refund was incorrect. I don't want to return anything, I want my skirt. So then he says well, I'll get a refund. Great! Does that include the shipping, I ask? No, of course not. This is when I get mad. I explain that I refuse to pay the 5$ shipping for a 10$ skirt when my shipping was originally free, per the 50$+ policy. He says "I see...well if you really want the skirt, you will have to pay the shipping." Absolutely not. I tell him that I refuse the refund, why can't he just send a brand new skirt? Why the run-around and making me lose 5$ when I did nothing wrong?

He then says that well, I can buy the skirt again, call the operators again, refer to the original order number, and there's apparently a note about how they will waive my shipping. But wait, 'waive' doesn't mean refund my credit card - it will mean giving me a 5$ target gift card! What the hell do I want with a target gift card?! In fact, he says, the refund I'm getting for no skirt arrival is in form of a gift card. I'm really frustrated now, and I can't understand why they can't just send me a new skirt, done deal. He gets really snarky with me, and when referring to the skirt, he now mentions the size - Xhilaration XXL. Except he says out the "extra extra" really weirdly in a way that made me really uncomfortable.

I immediately am done. I tell him I refuse to order a new skirt, call again, and get a stupid waiver for my shipping price. I say forget it, I'll give the refund card to someone else because I am never shopping there again. He starts to quickly mention that I must return the shirt I received, but I'm already hung up. Why should I return the shirt when I'm not getting my skirt in return? And on top of that, received such uncomfortable service? No, I refuse, even if that last part makes me a c_s.

So now I'm without skirt, with a Medium shirt I don't want, a target refund gift card that is now useless to me, and a ruined night from the weird way he referred to my weight. This is the worst service I've received from Target EVER. I will just stick to ordering clothes elsewhere. Ugh.
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