xnaivetex (xnaivetex) wrote in bad_service,

I've been buying and selling stuff through Ebay for years, and have never once had an issue with either a problematic buyer or seller until now.

My son does chores for allowance, and saves up his allowance to buy larger items. He saved up the past few months, then looked on Ebay and found some super rare first edition Japanese pokemon EX cards he really wanted with a buy it now of $90, with $10 shipping from a province over from us.

He was so excited, especially because I told him it's just in BC, so it should only take a few days to get here by mail. He'd hurry home from school every day to check the mailbox.

It's been a month.

I've contacted the seller a few times, and each time I just get "Well, I sent it, I checked with Canada Post and they say if you put your address right it should get there. I have 100% feedback, it's not like I'm ripping you off.", and he'd ask me to wait to see if it showed up or got delayed, and said once it took him an entire month to get a letter.

So I opened a dispute with PayPal, and in the dispute he says that he can't prove he sent it or provide tracking, because despite my paying $10 in shipping, and despite the listing saying it would be sent by Canada Post parcel which includes tracking, he says he had just thrown them in a regular envelope and sent it that way. With a $0.65 stamp. When I paid $10 shipping. After I saw that, I moved it to a claim.

Not only that, but looking through his listings - he has a new listing up, with the majority of the cards that my son had bought listed again. Unless this guy has two copies of every super rare first edition Japanese card that are hard to find and expensive, I'm thinking he's pulling a fast one. Not even just one or two of them, but five of the ones that my son bought are now listed in a new listing.

It sucks, because I'm trusting and waited a month for him to try and make it right or for them to finally arrive, but I think he was just placating me to try and get me out of the claim window.
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