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Kind of minor, in retrospect

Now, it's possible this isn't nearly as bad of service as I perceived it to be, but I'm quitting smoking (at the time of this incident I was two days in), and it was very irritating.

My mom, grandma and I decided to go to a new Swiss Chalet that opened up in my city. It's the first one here in years. My grandma and mom order the quarter chicken, and I decide to order a pasta dish. We sit, chat for about 15 - 20 minutes or so. I have a chocolate milk, and it tastes horrible (though I know that's not really anyone's fault at all). Then our waitress comes up and tells me that no one had prepared any pasta that morning, so if I wanted it still, it would take an exceptionally long time. She really emphasised how long it would take (which kind of baffled me, because cooking pasta takes like, ten minutes. I know he'd probably want to do it in bulk, and it would probably be annoying to just do a single order, but uh...).

I take a look at the menu again, and in less than a minute after she told me this, my mom and my grandma's food comes out. At that point, I'm super annoyed, but end up ordering the perogie appetiser. Which then comes out completely tasteless. Seriously, the most bland perogies I've ever had. Sprinkled lightly with the seasoning salt that restaurants put on fries.

Eventually, the manager comes out, apologises for not having the pasta for me, and then is like "Oh, and we took it off the bill too!" like she did us some great favour. Oh thanks, oh great and benevolent manager, for taking the food that your cook didn't feel like cooking off of my bill. That sure was swell of you. At the end of the meal our waitress came to let us know that she was going to try to get the perogies off the bill too (I had eaten them, but she also mentioned that she had tried them and had been very disappointed), and then she managed to do that which was awesome.

So, tl;dr:
- Cook didn't want to cook my pasta because it would be inconvenient, is the only explanation I can think of.
- Cook not only didn't want to cook my pasta, but didn't tell my waitress that it wasn't going to be cooked until my mom and grandma's food was already prepared, basically ensuring that I wouldn't "wait an extraordinarily long time" for this food. At least, I assume that's how it went down as opposed to my waitress sitting on this information until everyone else's food was ready.
- Manager for some reason thought she was doing us a big favour for not charging us for food we didn't get (???).
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