<3<3<3 (rocknroze) wrote in bad_service,

Yesterday I went to Petco to buy a new fish, which I did, but I also ended up buying a whole bunch of stuff for my hamsters and sugar glider. All of the things I bought were in the Clearance bin (which means they were 75% off).
I know that when you buy things from the clearance bin the cashier has to get a manager to do overrides to get the 75% off to go on the computer. I didn't think this would be that big of a deal, since I almost always buy things from that bin. Well this time it was a problem for the cashier.
As she was ringing me up with the manager there, she rolled her eyes and said to the manager "I am getting really sick of the clearance bin!" right in front of me! It made me feel so bad that I put her out THAT much that she had to complain right in front of me. So I told her not to bother discounting the rest of the items, but she insisted that she would.
I know it's a hassle for them to have to get a manager to do overrides and I know it takes a little bit longer than regular transactions, but the clearance bin is for customers to use, so she needs to just deal with it!
I don't know if I should file a complaint about this or not. I just don't want to feel uncomfortable next time I go in there.
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