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Back in December, I got a large number of gift cards to Chapters for Christmas and my birthday (same month), and decided that I'd browse their online Boxing Day sales. I saw a couple of books I was interested in and managed to nab some great deals on non-fiction titles that interested me and also ordered a Moleskin journal that was on sale (one of the ones for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug). It's important to note that all of the books I ordered were in-stock when I placed the order; the Moleskin was marked with "usually ships in one to two weeks."

Chapters sent me confirmation that my order had been received on December 28. Everything seemed cool, Chapters said that since I'd selected the free shipping option, I could expect all items in my order by January 21, 2014.

After that, things... pretty much went to shit. Some of it I can understand because of the ice storms in the Toronto area, but afterwards... I'm more than a little pissed off but not sure if there's anything that can be done.

Five of the books I ordered shipped on January 14 and all arrived by January 20. One of the books I ordered and the journal weren't included in what had shipped, but my initial order had said that they'd hold some of it back to ship together. That's cool, I thought, I'll just have to wait a little longer to get the rest of what I ordered. That wasn't what happened.

On January 15, I received an email which told me that the journal I had ordered was "temporarily out of stock" and would be reordered for me. Alarm bells weren't ringing yet, just a feeling that it was a bit odd that this had happened, but supply might not have kept up with demand, etc. etc. There was nothing about the last book I ordered.

No, later on the 15th, I got another email from them that they were out of stock of the book I ordered (and had paid for, been waiting weeks for) and that they had to cancel my order. If I still wanted to buy it, I'd have to pay full price. They credited my account since I paid with gift cards and that was that.

Cut to today, when I receive yet another email from Chapters telling me that oops they're also out of stock of the journal I ordered and yada yada you get a credit for that we're cancelling the order. I was really pissed about this because I really wanted the journal and the price was great (it was on sale for $15).

I've never had issues before with Chapters and ordering online, but I'm just kind of angry about how long all of this took given when I placed my order and that despite everything being listed as in stock when I ordered it (and for a number of days afterward, I checked) I didn't get a complete order and they only told me weeks after the fact. I dunno. I'm just really pissed off that it took OVER A MONTH to find out that the journal I ordered was out of stock and I'm out of luck.
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