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Doctor's Office Fail

My now former Doctor's office (Cambridge Health Alliance in Malden, MA) just confirmed to me why I needed to leave. I'm really sad to leave my Doctor, but the front staff are terrible.

So I finally decided that I had enough of them last year. I found a new doctor's office and I made a new patient appointment. At the end of December I filled out the form to release my medical records to my new Doctor's office. They claimed they would mail it, because it would cost me money to a.) fax it and/or b.) get a copy of it myself. I was told it would be a 3 week turnover. Ok fine.

I called my new Doctor's office this morning and shocker - no records. So I call CHA back and ask what happened. First they try to say that I never filled out the form. Then they tried to say that I had handed it in on January 16th at a Doctor's appointment. I haven't been in to that Doctor's office in over a year. So they say they'll look for it and call me back.

She actually does call me back which was surprising. But then she starts copping an attitude with me. "Did you hand it to me specifically? NO! Because I'm in back so you didn't." I was pissed so I demand her manager, who isn't there. I left a message, but I'm guessing I won't hear back.

I did send a fax with the form filled out again and a strongly worded letter telling them that they will fax it today, so we'll see how that pans out.

I just need to keep remembering that this will be the last time I have to deal with them. *sigh*
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