Crystal (thegully) wrote in bad_service,

Both experiences came out alright in the end ....

Complaint the first...
My friend wants to buy furniture from Walmart for her new apartment. I purchase a Walmart gift card online so it will be emailed it to her. A day after it is ordered, they cancel my order because my bank would not approve it. That's strange because my bank contacted me about the order and I told them it was legit.

I make another order with a different credit card. This was on Tuesday. Estimated delivery was Wednesday. Still processing on Thursday. I call and speak to a Customer Service rep (CSR) who tells me the bank had a hold on it but it was released and will be delivered today (Thursday). I actually asked if it would be Thursday or Friday (giving him an out because that's how I am) and he assured me it would be Thursday. This morning (Friday), it still hadn't been delivered. I call again. This time, a different CSR tells me the hold had never been lifted and that billing had been trying to contact me to verify that I had actually made the order. She claimed they left me two voice mails. I confirmed the number they had was correct and told her I had no voice mails. I also explained that the CSR from the day before had lied to me. The new CSR said I would have to confirm with billing, gave me the number for billing in case I got disconnected and transferred me. Yes, I did get disconnected. I had to leave and decided I would probably cancel the order later in the day when I got home because this was getting annoying. In that time however, the order was finally processed and my friend got the email .... without me confirming with billing which was apparently the hold up.

My complaint isn't that they were trying to verify that this wasn't a fraudulant charge but that CSR number 1 lied to me, they had my number correct and claim to have called me though I have no messages proving that and that they ended up putting the order through anyway when I never spoke to the people they claimed I NEEDED to speak to in order to get it done.

Complaint the second...
Another friend is having a birthday. I wanted to get her a kindle. I went to Best Buy and was in the area that had the computer/tablet sign hanging above. All reps were busy. One employee at the register saw me wandering around and asked what I needed. I told her a kindle. She said they were with the tablets on the other side of the store. I said "but the tablet sign is right here. The kindle is across the room?" She looked at me like I was an idiot and said "yeah, I know. It's on the other side." The tone she used when she said "I know" seemed to imply that she knew where the sign was and I was an idiot for being confused. I just said thank you and walked away. My sister, who was with me, said I was too nice when she spoke so rudely.

So I started walking to the other side and along the way, I asked a sales associate about kindles. He points me towards correct right table and continues the conversation he is having with a co-worker. I find the kindle and there is one other customer being helped by two associates. I stand there and hope one will break off to help me but they continue to ignore me. I think the associate who pointed me in the right direction realized that no one was helping me so he came over, gave one of the associates a pointed look and proceeded to help me. He was more helpful than anyone else was and he had no attitude. He honestly saved the sale because I was one minute from leaving.
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