Ansela Jonla (ansela_jonla) wrote in bad_service,
Ansela Jonla

Letter to HermesUk courier company

This is a letter I will be sending to the HermesUK delivery company in the morning. It would be emailed, but I can't find an email address to send it to.

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to you to express my dissatisfaction with the actions of one of your couriers in the Derby area. The delivery postcode was [redacted].

I ordered a product from one of your business customers, QVC. The tracking link they sent me told me that the parcel was “Delivered to Secure Location” at 12:22 on Monday the 3rd of February.

At no point on Monday did I, or any other member of my family, hear the doorbell ring, or a knock on the door. I was present in the house at the stated time. Even if I had not heard the door myself, my dogs would have alerted me to the presence of someone there.

When I found the delivery slip late the next day, it stated that the parcel had been put “over side gate.” My side gate is six-foot tall and has no holes or gaps through which the other side can be viewed. The courier had no way of knowing what he was throwing the parcel onto or into. If it had landed a few more inches along the path it would have hit a set of metal roof ladders instead of the concrete path it did land on.

Thankfully, QVC's packers seem to expect this sort of thing, judging by the sheer volume of bubble wrap my glass candles were wrapped in, and no damage was done to the parcels. This does not, in my opinion, excuse the fact that no attempt was made to get the attention of anyone inside the house before resorting to throwing a parcel over a high gate.

The delivery details on the invoice are as follows:
Van 75
Drop 06
C-Round 0264

Yours faithfully,
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