Lessa Benden (elledeegee) wrote in bad_service,
Lessa Benden

I am not afraid to complain this time...

So, I originally set up my site (which is kind of an on again, off again Art Portfolio / shop thing with some storage for stuff online) with a company run by one guy and he was really good at getting things done considering I found out he was like a Grad student running it out of his apartment or something. He did good work and got to problems early.

At some point he sold off his company to another company who was still ok but it was still just a company and not someone I could just "chat with on IM" like the original owner. I never had any serious issues and the cost was the same with the price about 7+ bucks a month or about 25 bucks every 3 mos. Good deal and every 3 mos I got charged which I was prepared for.

They sold off the company at some point to even newer owners and they became another company that hosted my site. They pretty much were the same (didn't really deal with them much but for the occasional "the site's down" email) and I was charged the same prices but I noticed now they seemed either distracted or otherwise absent. I noticed I wasn't getting charged for my site like I used to and when I'd go back to see if I had been charged I would see I might have paid them once all year so it wasn't my account that was wrong but something on their side. I tried contacting them in case I'd get in trouble for non payment but could never get in contact with a live person so I gave up since I could still access my site and FTP etc... If I had to pay, I would.

Middle of last year they updated their site again and I noticed a few odd things:

When I'd log into my account I would never see any kind of info you would see if your account was active. No billing information, nothing about my files and no way to contact support because I'd do the ticket and fill in the form but the button didn't send the info. It was unresponsive. I still had FTP access so I kept up with my site as I felt a need to do. I wondered why they weren't answering my calls which involved no live people and had you leave a message. I even started to call the emergency line hoping to get a live person, mainly because in the last 4 to 5 months I lost access to my FTP privileges but my site is still up and active.

My main issue is since I couldn't get a live person, I was looking online for any info and found that the site was under new management because it had split into two new companies. The new company was live and taking messages but says they have no idea who I should be talking to on the other end which seems odd to me. I would think they could at least give me an idea who the new owner is and why is it that MY site just happens to be on the OTHER people's server (the ones I can't reach) but these new people are like "oh yeah, if you had been with us, you could have had access." Does that sound facetious or what? I just don't understand how they figured out who was with them and who to leave on the other server and screw over. I just wanted access to my files I couldn't reach but remembered I had backed most of the stuff up late last yr in the summer.

So yeah... kind of pissed off at the absence / non responsiveness of these people.

FYI, the company is called Accufind ala Rebel CIO. The company that split off and said they can't help me contact the other people for Accufind are Rebel Visions. I'm not happy to be wasting my valuable minutes on my cell phone trying to get a live person and sending out emails online to be told that person no longer exists / server isn't operational etc etc or getting no reply at all. Very shitty way of doing business if you don't even tell your customers that you are having a problem and are splitting. If I'd had the chance, I would have tried to go the way of a live person and not get stuck with the unknown which seems to be what happened. Just happy that my card info changed so they can't charge me for anything if they try. I officially moved to a new host and will NEVER recommend either company for services after this experience. The least they could have done was send out info about the split. How lazy or bad with customer service do you have to be to NOT send out info to your "paying" clientele? I mean seriously!
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