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University Mentoring Service Frustration

Fairly small bad service but GAH! It's driving me bonkers.

I receive help from a university mentor - a past student employed by the uni who helps disabled students navigate the reams and reams of administration, the day to day challenges of being a student, and helps them kind of make the best of being at university academically. It's hard to explain but they support students and because you're usually assigned a mentor who's been through the same degree path/school of study as you, they're quite familiar with the processes and unique challenges that a student might face in each school. Since I'm studying overseas, this is an important help to me.

That being said, it costs money to have this. I receive a grant from the Disabled Student Allowance to have this service, and get a set number of hours per year - 30 hours at the moment, and getting more is often difficult. Paperwork, urgh.

And that said? My mentor is nearly always late.

And often it's not her fault - there's only one room in the building with a computer with skype abilities, and if someone is in there, they can't boot them out because it's also another student having a mentoring session. Sometimes, if we have an early morning session, she's late to those by 2-10 minutes by traffic or whatever. As part of her duties, she notetakes for another student in a different building which finishes at dead on the hour - supposedly.

Often times, the tutor doesn't stop until 10 past, and then she has to get to me in a different building.

Result? She's usually late.

Which would be fine, if I didn't get billed for the full hour.

Seriously, I still have to agree to pay her for a full hour of work, even though she was only with me for 45 minutes, which I think is pretty frustrating. Over the thirty hours, if she's late an average of ten minutes every time over the 30 hours, that's five additional hours I should have had - five whole weeks with a mentoring service is nothing to be sniffed at. I'd kill for that additional help.

The two minutes late are fine - whatevers. Life happens. But when I'm consistently being asked to submit time sheets for her avoiding the fact she was ten or fifteen minutes late, by the uni and the mentoring service it sucks.

*Not saying it's her fault, but it's a cluster fuck of b_s that I'm still being told to do it when it's false.

Edit: I cannot a sentence today. It's the snow.
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