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University fees

I wasn't going to post this, as I thought it was a random error. However, I have been speaking to other people on my course and we've all had it. So on here it goes.

I study part time at university- it's postgraduate so we don't get student loans. We pay for the degree ourselves when we get invoiced- we can't pay before the invoice comes in because the website requires the invoice number to pay. Our first unit is the most expensive so it's supposed to be invoiced in two parts.
We started the course in September, and we have been expecting our invoices for a while with no indication of when it was coming.

Yesterday, I get a phone call. It's the finance department at the university calling to ask why I haven't paid my fees. I guessed from his tone, rude from the start, was about to accuse me of ducking payment and getting a free degree so I interrupted with "Oh! I'm glad you called- I still haven't received my invoice!". There was a pause and then he sort of mumbled that he'd had another person say they hadn't received theirs either. He said he would "resend" the invoice to me so that I could pay. I suspected it went to my university email account, but there was nothing. Then I logged into my normal account, and there it was. I have been checking that email account several times a day (I work freelance and currently job hunting for permanent work, so I am attached to my email account) for months, so I know for a fact that I never received this invoice before (nor would it have gone to my junk folder).

Paying wasn't too big an issue, as I am paying out of my savings, so it was a matter of transferring the funds over and paying online. What ticked me off was the invoice.
Dated for October 2013.
I received it yesterday.

Like I said, I brushed it off as a clerical error... Until I got in touch with people on my course.
-One hasn't received her invoice at all, nor received a phone call
-Two got very rude phone calls and an invoice turning up later, like me
-One got a very rude email accusing her of avoiding payment with no phone call

Also, none of the emails mentioned the university name or the course title. It was only for the phone call that those of us who had the email knew what it was (the one who didn't get a phone call was suspicious the email was a scam, but checked on the off chance that it was from the uni).

And the real kicker is that the second instalment is due in February. That is if they actually send it to us at the right time. The guy who contacted has been really rude and clearly hasn't considered the possibility that the school didn't send out the invoices in October. Apparently that's harder to believe than an entire class refusing to pay for it (there's twenty of us).

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