I need a venti coffee....STAT! (dbaxdevilsfan) wrote in bad_service,
I need a venti coffee....STAT!

A friend of mine posted this in her LJ, and I (with permission) am posting it here. Does anyone have any suggestions? She's leaving feedback on planetfeedback.com, and their website.

DO NOT under ANY circumstances order phones from this website: http://www.cellularchoices.net/
Their customer service SUCKS. If you live in the great state of California, and are considering purchasing a NEW phone, I URGE you to go to the phone store, local to you. You'll save yourself ALOT of grief, and headache.

We recently purchased new phones through THIS website. Now, we are happy with our phone service, this is NO reflection on the cellular choices website. The phones however, are a different story, at least one is. We purchased the Nokia 6620, one for each of us.

Dan's phone doesn't hold a charge for more than a day, when he charges it, it takes only an hour to charge. The description of the Nokia 6620 boasts a talk time of up to 4 hours, and a standby time of upto 8 days. You can figure out what's wrong I'm sure. Nokia also boasts this is one of the more popular phones.

At any rate, due to the fact that we live in California, we're screwed, because Cali has a 30 day regret period law. It means if someone is not happy with their purchase of cellphone, they have 30days with which to return said phone and cancel service. What they DON'T tell you is, that there is a service charge of $250, to return the phone, it's called a equipment discount penalty. Due to the 30day regret period, Our carrier, whom the cell is assigned to, can not help us. If we'd purchased the phone in one of THEIR stores, it'd be a different story. They'd be able to assist us in this issue.

So I called the customer service number for this webpage, it's ALL automated. No help there.

/end rant.

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