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Minor medical suck

So let me start off by point out I am 5'2" and wear a 38G or 38H bra. I was a C cup when I was 12, and a DD by 15. I have had back pain from the age of 14-15.

So, my back always hurts. On a scale of 1-10 most days it's at around a 6, on good days, a 4 or 5, on bad days more like an 8. So last weekend I did some cleaning and my back started to flare up. I had been taking some percocet for the bad days that I got for an oral surgery I had back in October. 16 Percocet I had...ran out a week ago. So yesterday I toughed it out through work (I have a desk job) and went to Urgent Care. I have only had insurance for about a month, so I haven't had a chance to find a GP. I do have a Chiropractor though who was recommended by a co-worker.

So, went to Urgent care, told to doc that I have been seeing a Chiropractor, but that only helps so much, and I plan on getting a breast reduction within the next year and a half or so, but that I needed something for the pain until I can a.) see my chiropractor again and/or b.) find a GP. Then this happened:

Doc: A breast reduction won't help you
Me: won't?
Doc: no, if that was the problem, your shoulders would hurt
Me: well, my Chiropractor says it'll help
Doc: Well, that's why he's a Chiropractor (emphasizing chiropractor, to point out they aren't "real" doctors) need physical therapy. Your back problem are just due to bad posture

He then said he could give me some muscle relaxers and Tramadol, which took be aback because tramadol is what they give people who are allergic to Opiates, or are addicted to opiates. Whatever, it's something and might take the edge off the pain...

He comes back and scoffs that my "insurance is limited" and hands me a script for Codeine and some muscle relaxers and told me if I go to the front desk, they can help me find a GP. Well, after that little episode, I don't want to go to any GP recommended by this place.

The whole visit rubbed me the wrong way because it felt like he was thinking I was some drug seeker. Granted, I was seeking pills, but for a legitimate reason. I am used to vicodin or stronger for my back pain, but I by no means abuse it. As I said before, I made 16 percococet last 3 months. I only take pain meds when I really need it and that's AT MOST 2-3 a week, but sometimes I can go weeks without needing any. I have many family members who are addicts, so I have always been careful with narcotics and not abusing them. Also him saying a breast reduction won't help me pissed me off because I know for a fact it will. Yes, I may need physical therapy AFTER to help correct my posture, but the REASON I have bad posture to begin with is that I am top heavy! If I try to sit up straight, my shoulders do hurt, if I have to do a lot of bending down, my shoulders hurt. My lower back is what hurts more and hurts consistently because of the posture issue because of the weight I carry from my breasts. I don't understand how that's hard for him to deduce. I just hope he didn't make any notes on that, because it might jeopardize insurance covering my surgery when it comes time, though hopefully by then I'll have built up enough case history that the opinion of one urgent care doctor won't matter.

I am calling to make an appointment with my chiropractor today, and then I am going to ask him to refer me to a GP who can prescribe meds that actually work well (the codeine has been helping a little, bringing the pain down to about a 6 or 7ish, vicodin brings me down to a 4 or 5, sometimes lower, and gets me high enough that I don't care about the pain).

What do you think, LJ-land? Am I reading too much into it? overreacting? or was the doctor being a total douchebag?
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