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Not just bad, but DANGEROUS service!

This happened several years ago. My dad is retired now, but he was working at the time. So, my mom and dad have two cars. One dad takes to work, and the other mom uses for errands, etc. One day they switched cars since dad's car needed work done. I don't remember what the problem was, but it was something with the wheels or tires. Mom took the car around, it was worked on, she drove home, and dad took his car to work the next day. All good, right? Of course if that was it I wouldn't be posting here.

I was home visiting my parents, and that evening dad called mom and I to come get him. He was pulled off on the side of the road because THE ENTIRE WHEEL CAME OFF HIS CAR!! If he'd been a few hundred feet farther down the road he'd have been on an interstate in heavy rush hour traffic. Had the wheel come off then he could have been hurt or killed! Luckily dad was on an on-ramp and there was a place to pull off, and he was fine. Mom and I picked up dad, and a tow truck took the car.

It was too late that day to call repair shop, but we called them first thing the next day. They fixed our car for free, and the guy who worked on dad's car the first time was fired immediately. Like I said before, it's been several years since this happened, but I still shudder when I think about what *could* have happened. Thank goodness dad wasn't on the interstate when the wheel came off!
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