Astrianna the Sleepy Warlord (sleepywarlord) wrote in bad_service,
Astrianna the Sleepy Warlord

The booze wasn't part of the contract!

A friend who doesn't have LJ but gave me permission to post this hired JAR Home Renovations - Noel Jarina (Toronto, ON Canada)- to renovate her upstairs kitchen, bedrooms and later basement. They did an amazing job on making the house look phenomenal however Noel helped himself (& his partners) to my friend's alcohol. After telling my friend to go ahead & put her stuff back in the new cabinets (and she did) they began helping themselves during the day (while my friend was downstairs). She didn't notice until she went to go have a rum & coke three weeks later and discovered that almost the entire bottle of Bacardi's had been drunk along with a bottle of Lamb's White Rum, a bottle of Smirnoff Vodka 21, a bottle of Smirnoff Vanilla, a bottle of Smirnoff Raspberry, a bottle of Smirnoff Cranberry, a bottle of Frangelico, a bottle of Tequila Gold, a bottle of Tequila White and another bottle of Vodka of some Russian brand. Most of these bottles hadn't been opened and were from 750mL to 1.4L.

My friend put a mattress in front of the cabinets (after the kitchen was finished) until she got a chance to go get boxes to put them away properly. Of course the mattress didn't deter them & bottles continued to be drunk until they were moved. Actions like these make my friend feel the reason he put off repairing the basement ceiling (that he ripped up to access for the kitchen electrical wiring) & why he misheard "yes, l want the island this year"as "I want it next year" was so that he could have longer access to the "open bar."

Thankfully, my friend was able to deduct the 10 bottles (~$270) from the remaining amount. First, he tried to deny it but when my friend said well ten bottles WERE consumed he said well I didn't drink the vodka! (because that matters how?) My friend sent him packing & will get someone else to finish the basement but wanted to pass along the word to avoid this person when looking for a contractor in the GTA & if you do hide your booze!
Tags: *home improvement/repair, ^wtf
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