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I get a fair amount of migraines. They range from a few hours of pain to several days sometimes. I can get anywhere from 1-2 a month to one a week, depending on factors such as my stress level and amount of sleep. Unfortunately, most of the available migraine meds interact with other drugs I'm taking. Plus, unlike most people, I don't get a warning before a migraine occurs. This is important because most migraine meds need to be taken before the onset of the headache in order for them to work.

My old primary care doctor put me on Vicodin for the migraines, which is the one thing that actually seems to work that I can take. Now, when I moved for school and went to the school clinic for refills, they wanted me to see a neurologist every year and get a note saying that the Vicodin was the right thing. Which was fine. So I did that, and the neurologist agreed that it was the right choice for me given all the factors. So that was fine.

But I now have a primary care doctor rather than just going to the school clinic for everything. And she is pretty med shy. I understand her caution. I know the risks of pain killers. But the thing is, she agrees with me that none of the other meds are going to work for me. And yet she really doesn't want to prescribe the Vicodin. I went to her for refills last week, and she was only willing to give me five pills and won't refill for another three months. That's not going to last long if I get one of the several day migraines, and it certainly won't last three months. It isn't even like I take it for every migraine. I only take it for the ones that are bad enough that I can't function. If I can get by with Ibuprofen and caffein, I do.

Maybe this isn't bad service. Maybe I should just deal with the pain. I don't know. I get that pain killers are a risk. But its the one thing that works. And I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do when I run out. If I go to the school clinic for refills, I look like I'm drug seeking and it might raise questions with the insurance.
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