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Crummy salon service

I'm a regular at a salon just down the street from my house. I go there every two weeks to get waxed. It's painful, but I've learned to put up with it and it's convenient for me- I have two girls that I let wax my face and they do a fantastic job each time. I usually try to go on a Tuesday or Thursday as that's when they're usually there. I'm not so sure about any other days.

Today neither of them were there, and there was a different girl doing the waxing. I wanted my eyebrows done so I figured it would be no big deal and decided to give her a chance.

I shouldn't have. She got wax on my shirt, in my hair, and she even made my eyebrows uneven. I didn't want to let her try and fix it, thinking she'd make it worse, so I said I'd take care of it. Thank god the shirt was just an average t-shirt that I didn't care about. I had to go home and pluck my brows (ouch) to make them look right again, and I was pissed. One was longer than the other. I don't know how people mess that up because I've never worked in a salon- and I didn't flinch once.

I talked to a manager about it and let them know I wouldn't have anything done unless the two girls I knew were there. They were pretty apologetic and said they'd have a talk with the girl. Pretty minor, but it really ticked me off considering I got them done in time for going out, only to have to fix them and nearly run late. I just feel like there's no excuse for such a sloppy job for what they charge.
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