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2nd letter to Shirt.Woot customer service...

Edited: ...because comments were made and I am a total punctuation nazi and I noticed where I'd goofed. Thanks for catching my brain fart, folks. I've fixed the sentence.

long time reader/lurker, first time posting.

In which an order is made and up to this point have been very trusting and received excellent service from a reputable vendor. Sadly, being that the situation feels a bit FUBAR, excuses are made and I'm far too patient for my own good before I actually do anything about it....

On December 13, 2013, I ordered both a 10-pack of random stickers and the "Time is Meow" jersey zip hoodie, size medium. On December 27th, 2013, I received confirmation that my order had been delivered, but I was dismayed to discover that I had only received my stickers and my hoodie was nowhere to be found.

On January 7th, 2014, I sent an e-mail to you inquiring as to why I only received my stickers and not the hoodie.

The response from you:

Hello vege_chan,

Thank you for taking the time to email us. We appreciate your concerns as well as your business
We apologize for this extended delay. This order is taking a little longer than usual to ship. We are working very hard to get everything out as soon as possible. Please bear with us and thank you for your continued patience.

Woot Member Services,


That was two weeks ago and it is now January 25th, 2014, well over a month since I first purchased this order and have still not gotten my hoodie and I have yet to receive any new tracking information regarding when I should be receiving that hoodie. I realize that Woot is busy and there was a SNAFU regarding my order, however, that's still $20 I spent on a hoodie that I desperately want and have not received any compensation for and I refuse to sit idly by any longer.

I have always received excellent service from Woot in the past and I consider myself a very patient person in terms of understanding that sometimes delays happen ("shit happens", folks, I get that). However, this failure to communicate has tested my patience further than I'm willing to let it go. This has gone on long enough and if you cannot provide me a reasonable explanation for WHY I have not yet received my hoodie or if you mistakenly gave it to someone else, then I would appreciate a little honesty, preferably an apology and a refund or SOME form of equal compensation for my troubles.

Should this occur in the future, I would appreciate a little more consideration. I would hate for you to lose my business over an issue that should have been easily resolved by now.

I would appreciate your response sooner than later.

Thank you kindly,

vege_chan (actual name left out for this post because contrary to popular belief, I don't want the entire world knowing who I am) lets see if this actually works this time around... I'd hate to have to wait another month before I get my hoodie or worse, be told it's a lost cause (but then I'd hope for a refund or there will be hell to pay).
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