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Potential? Bad service

I'm not entirely certain this story is wrong so I thought I'd ask here.

My husband changed jobs a couple of months ago. He was given to understand his insurance benefits would end at the end of November. We've never received our COBRA information but he hasn't gotten around to calling. It hasn't really been an issue until today.

I have several recurring prescriptions. I went to fill one today at Walgreens. I drive up and the give the girl my name and information. She asks me if I have my insurance card, which is sort of odd because I can't recall them doing that in the past and we fill there all the time so it's always been on file. I tell her there's no insurance she asks me to wait. Another girl comes over and tells me my prescription is $108 but do I know about their membership card? No, I don't, but hold up. I got this filled last month for $10 so why is it $100 now? I ask her if she can look and tell me what the difference is (it should be a generic, anyway, that's pretty pricy).

She looked and said it went through insurance in December, which makes no sense. I told her I was surprised, I didn't think I had coverage then and then ask if they ran it through my insurance already and discovered it's not working or what? This is the part I'm confused by. She said, "I'm not going to do that (which I don't think should ever be said that way to a customer but I digress) because we could get a chargeback and then we'd have to track you down for the money." Then she launched into her membership shpiel again.

I have never heard of a chargeback for health insurance. In fact, there have been times my insurance has changed and pharmacies have run the wrong one without knowing. No one has "tracked me down" for this. I used to work in a hospital and never heard this, either, but I know things changed in healthcare in the last year. Is this real or do I need to call and talk to a manager?

Unfortunately, I was on the outside lane of the drive up window so I don't know her name or really even what she looked like.

Edited to say I understand that if the insurance pays for something when I'm not actually covered, I understand that I will have to repay that. My question is really about the use of the term "chargeback" and her saying that the pharmacy would have to "track me down" to get it. I just thought her verbiage was, at best, odd and, at worst, misleading.
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