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that's not right

So let me get this straight:

I called Arlington PD on Monday because I got into a fender bender--what they call a minor accident--with a crazy woman that jumped out of the car and made threats against me. There was no police presence, and I was told by their dispatcher that police would not be responding to this because it was a minor accident. The dispatcher told me that my legal obligation was to exchange drivers license and insurance information with the other driver (who was being hostile at first, remember?) and then download a CR-2 (commonly known as the blue form), fill it out, and turn it in to the police department within 10 days of the accident.

First, I told you the woman was being hostile and you still don't respond? Next, I have zero way of knowing if this woman is actually insured since the police didn't respond; some of you have done this: paid for a month of insurance just so you can get the insurance card and SAY you have insurance. Then, you want me to write the crash report--something that is really kind of YOUR job. I did what the dispatcher said, and you know what the desk officer told me? "Oh, she told you wrong; you need to mail that to Austin."

So, minor damage to my car but still a wreck, almost got in a fight that could have been prevented if the police would have showed up, going on a wing and a prayer that people have valid DLs and insurance, writing the crash report FOR them, and then I have to pay (in postage and time) to turn it in?

Hell no. I hate to say it, but this is why a lot of people do not respect law enforcement/public servants. Think about it: when you're driving, are you ever happy to see them sitting on the side of the road or behind you in traffic? Not cool.
Tags: *police/law enforcement, following rules =/= bad service

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