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Dear Computer Purchasing Rep,

For the 28.5th time, WILL YOU JUST GIVE US THE PRICE YOU ORIGINALLY PROMISED? We are *not* idiots, are are *not* going to sign a contract that is different from the price that had been negotiated for weeks. Thanks to your stupidity, we're two weeks behind on ordering the new computers, which means there's nothing for the summer help to do, which means three people are out of a job for the next two weeks. (I am one.)

Fuck off and die so we can have our old rep back,

Dear Business Office,

Why can you not get the paychecks for the summer help right? Last time, you lost all of them and had to reprint them. (We just got the new ones today with our regular checks.) And HOW did I suddenly go from getting $10 an hour to $8 an hour!? Thank god my boss rocks, and said he'd take care of it. (Which he will).
And why, oh WHY did you let your the person who processes purchase orders take off the week that the fiscal year starts? This is incredibly poor planning, as after 39 years of existence, you should know that no one gets their required purchases WITHOUT the purchase orders. My poor boss had to go to your office three times to get our orders through.

No Love,

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