Every Single Kind of Hero (mazz) wrote in bad_service,
Every Single Kind of Hero

Of the boss with no heart, and my requirement to be a bad employee.

So I worked at a small convenient on a military post.
The head manager was an awful and abusive woman.

I and other employees dealt with so much abuse from her (to the point where she told me my kid and I were going to hell because I wasn't married to my rapist O.O).

This isn't about that tho.
No this is about the day she made a customer cry.

It was a chilly day, a mother and a little boy walk in to get some milk, cold meds and such. She's an army wife, she looks stressed, her son looks tired and sick and they just... look like they need sleep.
She comes to the register, no one else is there so I ask her "Are you ok?" It's standard for me if someone looks in distress to this day to ask if they're ok.
She starts telling me how her husband deployed a few weeks before, the kid is sick, she's pregnant and stressed and can't sleep. So I listen and smile giving her positive words and kindness.

My boss comes lumbering out of the office (she sat on her ass almost all the time just eating and watching the cameras) to yell at me for holding up the "line"
There was one customer who had walked into the store but he was meandering slowly up to the register looking at things, not standing their waiting (if he was I'd have still comforted her while ringing him out and giving him pleasantries, I grew up a military kid, it sucks when mommy or daddy are gone I won't ignore someone who needs an ear). The lady says that it's not my fault she was talking and my boss tells her "well your problems aren't our problems and we don't care"
She just falls into tears... right there, a huge breakdown.

The guy (who was a soldier out of uniform) runs over and picks her up and hugs her and looks at my boss and just goes off. I have never heard so many explicatives in my life and I cuss like a sailor.

He walks her out of the store, leaving the stuff he planned to buy and I'm just dumbfounded that my boss actually said that to a customer who did nothing to her. It took all my effort not to go off on her. I needed this job.

Just... that woman. She actually told me at one point I'd lose my job if I went to college. Needles to say I waited until it was our busiest and aired all her dirty laundry loudly to all the customers (yea that was bad, I know someone who didn't know her thought I was the bad_service that day) and quit on the spot. The MPs in the store at the time had caught me outside and asked if what I was saying was truth. She "retired" a week later.

Just... I witnessed so many horrible things at that place and so many people were treated like shit. She was a flailing racist and would follow people of color around the store even if they were soldiers in uniform.
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