snowstormskies (snowstormskies) wrote in bad_service,

Mod Note: Tags

Until further notice, tags use is restricted to mods and maintainers while we figure out how to backdate, combine, or get rid of all the various doubled up and one time use tags, and apply them to all 11K entries to this very helpful community. Rest assured, community favourites will be preserved - including your beaaaaan tag :D. Old entries will slowly acquire tags, so they will become searchable, and going forward, all new entries will receive tags as soon as they appear in the community.

Regular users of this comm and old taggers no longer have access to tagging functions - or shouldn't do. If you do, message me or leave a comment, because livejournal's being a wretched little whatsit again.

If you want a specific tag in the mean time, please request it on the bottom of your entry.

Comments are open :D 
Tags: mod post, tagger tags with love, tags r srs bzness!!!!

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