No I Don't Think So (no_idts) wrote in bad_service,
No I Don't Think So

Amazon: Lies or Incompetence?

I'm going to preface this by saying that customer service has refunded me for about half my order and I do now have my items, so I'm... not necessarily satisfied, but I don't think anything else needs to be done on Amazon's part. However, I'm posting this because I wanted to give everyone a heads up (and, let's be real, complain) about the total shenanigans that went on this week.

So my building got an Amazon Locker a few months ago. I had one order to the locker that got cancelled with no explanation, but my roommate's had success with it in the past, so I thought I'd give it another shot. I had to order some textbooks that I needed by Wednesday (NOTE: I just know this is going to come up in the comments, so for anyone who's wondering why I didn't order earlier, it's because my professor is terrible and didn't release the book information until the last minute). On Sunday, the minute I got my professor's e-mail, I bought the books on Amazon Prime and had them shipped to the locker. They were due to arrive Tuesday afternoon/evening.

Well, Tuesday comes and goes with no delivery. The website says "Delivery Attempted." I wait until Wednesday afternoon, but nothing happens except a second "Delivery Attempted" message. My books are now late. I call customer service and here's where the real mess begins.

I explain the situation to the rep, and she tells me the following: that they couldn't deliver to my Locker because someone else's item was already in the designated locker, and they have three days to retrieve it before Amazon returns it. This is a ridiculous policy for many, many, many reasons and I'm pretty irate that I had no idea that was a possibility. The rep apologizes, gives me a $10 refund, and guarantees (repeatedly!) that my package will arrive by Thursday. I ask her how she can guarantee it and she says that because Thursday is the other person's third day, my item will absolutely be in the locker on Thursday.

Thursday, of course, comes and goes with no delivery. I call Amazon again. The new rep apologizes, says she doesn't have any idea why I don't have my books, and promises to immediately ship out a replacement with two-day shipping to arrive at my home address today, Saturday.

Now, my roommate is also having the same problem I am, so she also gets a replacement item. However, she was offered/received one-day shipping on her replacement, so it showed up yesterday. I'm mildly annoyed that I was only offered two-day when I kept stressing how badly I need these books, but what really gets to me is this: the delivery guy says the locker has been broken for three weeks.

I talked to Amazon again today (after finally getting my damn books, despite some different BS with FedEx and the fact that both the outer and inner packaging had tears in them) and they offered a promotional credit -- which I obviously took, because I am not crazy -- but I told them what I really want is to know that the next time there's a problem, I'm not going to get jerked around again by customer service reps who either don't know what's really going on or completely make up stories. He promised to forward my concerns on, but in the meantime, I want people to know what's up. Amazon is trusted by millions and it's totally absurd that this happened, IMO.

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