toboldlyanon (toboldlyanon) wrote in bad_service,

USPS Hates my Appartment

Today I had to file my second* official complaint with the USPS about a driver who flat-out will NOT deliver packages to me or my brother in our shared apartment. We both work nights, so we're usually around at the time when our stuff should be being delivered, but every time one of us has a package in, the driver just shoves one of those stupid slips in our mailbox instead of actually, you know, delivering the package. I think we've only had things actually delivered to our door like they're supposed to be maybe three or four times since we moved here last summer. It's incredibly frustrating, and obviously they didn't do much about it after the first complaint since I think right after I filed it, the driver delivered a couple packages, and then he went right back to just leaving slips. So now I just want to rant. If I had any kind of social media presence, I'd be complaining on Twitter and everywhere else by now, but I'm really not into that kind of thing, so, just, I hate the US Postal Service. I didn't used to, since I was lucky enough to have a great driver on our route growing up (She's still there (last I heard from my mom, anyway) and even brings treats for the neighbourhood dogs sometimes!), but I've gone from mildly puzzles ("Did we really both miss the knock? That's kind of odd.") to pissed off ("Deliver my F*#$ing packages, you lazy prick!111!"), and I'm not too pleased with the obvious lack of attention my last complaint received, since the driver must have gotten the weakest of all slaps on the wrist to have gone straight back to the same thing after, like, a week.

*The reason it's only the second is that I'm not going to file complaints for my brother when his packages don't show up--if he wants the problem addressed, he can do it himself, and I only file for my own things when I can narrow the delivery time down to a few hours (Like today when I checked the mail at 1 after getting myself some lunch and then checked again at 4)and say with absolute certainty that I was in my apartment the whole time and would have heard had the postal worker actually tried to deliver. Since I don't get as many packages as my brother, and I'm frequently in my room with headphones for a portion of the day (or already asleep by the time they would probably be here, since our mail tends to come in the afternoon and I usually go to bed around twelve), I've only been able to say that they absolutely haven't even tried to deliver my packages twice since I moved in. The circumstantial evidence is still pretty strongly against them ever trying, though.
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